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Insurance Restoration

The most common cause of damage to home exteriors is severe weather including hail storms and strong winds from tornadoes or hurricanes. Severe weather can strike at any time, and often the damage caused to your home cannot be seen by the naked eye at ground level. Often many homeowners assume that if they cannot see any noticeable effects after a storm their home was not damaged. This is not the case.

When hail hits asphalt shingles it can cause soft spots or bruising and will loosen the hard granules that make up the surface of the shingle. This not only decreases the life span of the roof system but also leaves your home vulnerable to future damage like water intrusion. Hail and strong winds can also damage your home’s siding and gutter systems.

The manufacturer’s warranty on many products like roofing and siding is void if the structure has been hit by hail or been impacted by severe weather, which is why it is imperative to file a claim with your homeowners insurance. Failure to file a claim in a timely manner may relieve your insurance company of their responsibility to repair your damaged home. Ensure that your property is safe from storm damage and do not pay out of pocket for damages that should be covered by your homeowner insurance. Call today and get your claim started with a representative from 33 Carpenters Construction who can help you through the tricky and time consuming process of an insurance claim.

At 33 Carpenters Construction, we understand that needing to have your home repaired after a storm can be stressful which is why we offer FREE no obligation consultations with our trained experts to inspect your home for any signs of damage. If you home has sustained damage we will work directly with your insurance company to have all the repairs/replacements made, and to restore your home back to its original beauty and value.

To help you understand the insurance claim’s process we have compiled six steps that will walk you through a common insurance claim.


Step 1

Contact 33 Carpenters Construction for a free comprehensive storm damage evaluation and assessment.

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Step 2

Contact your insurance company to file a claim.
Inform your insurance company that your home was impacted by recent severe storms and your home was inspected by a licensed general contractor and areas of your home are damaged.

Step 3

Inform us when the insurance adjuster will be coming out to assess the damage on your home or property.
We will meet personally with your insurance adjuster, as an ADVOCATE on YOUR behalf, and discuss the work that needs to be completed to repair your home to its original beauty and value. Your insurance adjuster will submit a report that will list the work that needs to be completed and a copy will be sent to you.

Step 4

Send us a copy of the summary report put together by your insurance company.
Included in the summary report will be the itemized costs of the work that needs to be performed. We will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that all damaged areas of your home will be included on the report.

Step 5

We will meet with you to make product selections.
Our entire team has a vast and comprehensive knowledge about all home exterior products and we are happy to help you in the decision making process regarding product selection and color options. We will work with your schedule to determine the best day to start the necessary repairs to your home.

Step 6

We will provide you and your insurance company with a copy of the invoice when the work is completed. You may be required to get your mortgage company to endorse the check from the insurance company before payment can be submitted to us for the work completed to your home. You are only responsible for your insurance deductible and any agreed upon upgrades.

Here are some examples of homes impacted by severe weather: